Sousami, Limassol – April 2024

This date last year was Alexi’s last booked gig at Sousami. As such, we dedicate it to his memory. And we will be doing so for as long as we are around. On this day, we come together to remember. To honour his invaluable contribution to our music scene. To reminisce with sorrow and with joy. On this day, we celebrate Alexi’s life!

Sousami, Limassol Cyprus – April 2023:

The loss of a man that truly pushed the boundaries with his artistry, his charisma and his vision. The loss of one of the greatest Djs we’ve encountered, truly, his passion and knowledge for music was unmatched. He created some of the best nights at Sousami consistently for over a decade, driving crowds crazy every single time and has connected us with some of the nicest, most talented people we know. A man that our music scene owes so much to, a man that we will never forget and most importantly a dear, dear friend. This friend is Alexis Baitelman.
Dear Alexi, again, we will never forget you, rest in peace brother.This night, April 22nd was Alexis' last booked gig at Sousami, and so we dedicate it in his memory. Some of his closest Dj friends on the island will come together to play music and celebrate his life and we plan to honor his memory in this way every April.

Golden Gate, Berlin – September 2023:

Tonight will be a special one. We gather in loving memory of our dear friend and colleague Alexis (aka Alexis Phase, B-Man, Teknon Brutus) who sadly passed away earlier this year.
He started to spread his musical wings at Golden Gate and over the years they took him all across Europe from Cyprus to the Netherlands, touching, inspiring and supporting all he met along the way.
As the sadness of his loss still resonates deeply with us, a wild night of celebration of Alexis life seem the only way to pay tribute to this tragedy.
Or, as Zorbas the Greek would have said: Dance? Did you say dance?
Rest in power, dear friend!

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