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While its latest shape was born in the Netherlands not too long ago, ‘Phases Records’ is the result of a decade spent cultivating music culture, organizing club nights, and building friendships in Berlin’s underground club scene. What started out as an event series, in Berlin’s iconic Griessmuehle club, has grown, developed, expanded, and eventually reinvented itself as a music label based in Amsterdam. ‘Phases Records’ is a product of Berlin’s and Amsterdam’s unique edge, energy and underground and the brainchild of DJ, producer, and promoter Alexis Phase.

Alexis is widely known as the driving force behind Berlin’s infamous ‘Phase’ parties, an event series that helped shape the club’s (which club? Griessmuhle?) dynamic identity and helped cultivate the open-mindedness of the city’s underground electronic music scene to start embracing a more raw, original and uncompromising attitude of music.

The party’s unique sound is reflected in the label’s first release, a carefully curated V.A. comprised of six original tracks which illustrate and radiate the kind of curated sound, vision and atmosphere which was emblematic of the ‘Phase’ parties, and now also of ‘Phases Records’. The V.A. combines genre-bending music from six artists, each with a unique and distinct approach to music production and the interpretation of dance music. This first release, and its collection of contributors, represent that which is key for Phases: Pushing boundaries in sound without breaching the sanctity of the dance floor.

For the label’s first release, the iconic Adam X makes a rare V.A. appearance and puts his distinct approach to the dancefloor on display with the track “Slip & Capture”, a dystopian, dark industrial machine-funk track which perfectly straddles the edge between being sexy and dystopian.

Studio wizard Maedon delivers a fierce heavy hitter to the V.A. An immersive and powerful, yet clear and direct go-to track for the DJ. The interplay between the clean and punchy “door pounding” percussive elements, a forward-driving main synth line and heavy breathing vocal samples, make this a track to fall back on for when the time comes to call out the demons.”

Mannequin records boss Alessandro Adriani, comes through with a synth-driven giant of a track, discharging dystopian energy through it’s progressive and tribal drum rhythm pattern, continuously shifting the listener’s focus between the longing and steadfast synth-pad atmosphere and the dark and turbulent bass line below.

3.14 (Pi Electronics, Modal Analysis), E-bony (PAG TLV) and Chloe Lula (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe) are the final three contributors. 

3.14 brings the slow burning gem “Door” to the table. 

E-Bony’s number, a dazzling, tribal flavored track titled “High Line”, is sure to capture audiences both new and old. 

Industry stalwart and multi hyphenate Chloe Lula closes out the compilation with a pulsating, occult track, swiveling between hopefully atmospheric before it dips into dark worry.

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